The first day of ski season is coming.

But if you have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you already knew that.  My minifeed is jam packed with all sorts of pre-season hype, and I have been just as guilty of filling up all my friends’ feeds.  Instagrams of new goggles, tweets of Instagrams of new boots, and Facebook posts of tweets of Instagrams of 2014 season passes.  Why do we feel an overwhelming and intense desire to share with everyone we know that we have been hitting the gym, that we’ve been watching the leaves turn from green to yellow to brown to white, that we have been wearing our new boots around the house in an attempt to break them in, that the temperature displayed on our dash now allows for snowmaking, and that last night all we dreamt of was having deep conversations with snow white (you guys it’s totally a metaphor, for like, wicked deep pow, right?)?

For those of us waist deep in our passion for winter, pre-season is a magical time filled with new gear, new ski films, new goals, and new dreams.  It gives us the tingles all over, the good kind, not the pre-frostbitten-toes kind of tingles.  It is a time of transition, from the sun soaked days of summer, to the crisp days of autumn.  The trees give their offerings of orange, red, and gold to old man winter, to impress him and to ask for a bountiful and healthy season.  During this wonderful, transitory period, we are filled with eagerness and anticipation.  We read weather reports like prophecies.  We zip up our jackets with sweet satisfaction.  When we see our breathe in the air, we smile.  Winter is coming.

With all of this anticipation and excitement building up inside of us, we also feel a lot of hope- for deep, blower pow, for silky, wind-buffed drifts, and for the best winter ever (or at least a really good one).  This also being an Olympic year, I feel an extra little bit of hopefulness bubbling up near my heart.

I am so charged with this electric excitement; it just ends up emanating out through my fingers and toes as happy manifestations on various social media outlets.  I want to share my excitement, and my hope, and my joy.  When people like my Facebook posts, tweets, and Instagrams about the upcoming winter, it makes me even more excited.  The good feelings inside of me grow.  It makes me happy.  And isn’t that the point?  Why we ski?  It makes us happy.

So go on, tweet your heart out.  #NoFilter a pic of your sweet new jacket and show me how amped you are!  Ski season is almost here.


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